Behind the scenes

It’s easy to watch a well filmed video and be inspired. The scenery is beautiful, the action is dynamic, and it seems like all the pieces fit together perfectly.

While filming my first professionally produced video with Cumberland Marketing, the goal was to capture the beauty of the South Holston River and talk a little about my passion for fly fishing. What I didn’t realize is that it is nothing like what you see in movies and there were a few challenges we faced throughout the day.

-Dancing around each other in the raft

My StealthCraft Hooligan XL has room for three people, fishing gear, a cooler, and two dry boxes that fit nicely under the seats. What it does not have room for are three people, all of the other aforementioned gear, AND large camera boxes and equipment. We would have to switch places often for me to get in the back so I could fish, and juggling camera equipment around water is scary.

-Rowing shots

To get footage of me rowing the first time, the videographer in the back seat had to hunch over and hide behind me for an extended period of time.

The second time, I let the videographers out of the boat (who almost fell getting out) down the river and rowed back up the river in the current. After that I was hot, sweating, and out of breath.

-Hot, sweating, and out of breath

The combination of playing musical chairs, excessive rowing, retaking shots, and being out in the 85 degree burning sun was quite the experience.

-Bad interview skills

I haven’t done many interviews in my life, and you could tell. I didn’t know it would be so hard to talk about my biggest passion in life, so it was easier for me to show it. Luckily Cumberland Marketing’s video production team was phenomenal at picking out the good parts and left out all of the screw ups, curses, and other mishaps.

-The Blooper Reel

Enjoy the blooper real here for a funny look behind the scenes.


To see the finished version go here.


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Taylor Joyce

East Tennessee lady angler specializing in fly fishing on the South Holston and Watauga rivers.

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