What you don’t see.

Today I wanted to write a short blog post to tell you all a little bit of my fishing habits and what I do to make sure I am always practicing the best catch and release techniques.

When you see a still shot on my Instagram page, I know what it can look like – the fish is far out of the water and being held up in front of a camera. Here’s what you don’t see – holding the fish in the net, submerged in water, until the very last second that I am ready to take the picture. After I take a shot, it goes right back into the water. I’ll do a quick review to make sure I like the image (while the fish is still in the water,) maybe do a retake, and then make sure the fish has fully regained it’s strength before it is released. The fish is out of water no more than a few seconds before it is released.

I never fish during spawning and make sure to alert other anglers when they are too close to the redds.

I have been a member of Trout Unlimited for many years, and have spent countless hours making sure my waters, trout, and ecosystem maintain the highest integrity.

Before you make assumptions and write hateful comments on my posts, just know that Instagram will never be able to show the whole picture. If you ever have a question about my pictures, feel free to send me a message. 


Hateful comments will not be tolerated on my page.


Published by

Taylor Joyce

East Tennessee lady angler specializing in fly fishing on the South Holston and Watauga rivers.

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