Douglas Outdoors: The Beginning

I’m no stranger to receiving inquiries from companies about becoming an ambassador for their products.

A lot of these requests ultimately get turned down because I feel like it’s an easy way for companies to get free user-generated content only at the cost of sending their products. I can see the appeal; small investment, big return. My personal problem with this is that in a lot of cases it just makes me feel used, and that I’m only valued by the number of followers I have.

I have held off on getting involved with a rod company because I didn’t just want to be another notch on a company’s long belt of “ambassadors.”

When Douglas Outdoors first contacted me, it was through a direct message on Instagram. For the first time ever, I was asked if I wanted to TALK… yep, like actually have a conversation on the phone rather than sending emails, texts, or direct messages back and forth.

When I answered the phone, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the voice of another woman. Up to this point I hadn’t had the opportunity to work with a fly fishing company that is partially woman-owned and operated, so this was something that really excited me.

We discussed our goals and she told me a little bit about their company, and she actually wanted me to try their products out before I agreed to work with them. Most companies expect a done-deal when they send you their products and immediately expect content. Unfortunately when you receive gear you don’t like, you’re sometimes stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I received my Douglas Outdoors SKY Series 9′ 5wt rod and Nexus 5/6 wt reel in the mail within the week. When I picked up the SKY and cast it for the first time I immediately knew this company was the real deal and not just another company buying rod blanks from china and slapping their logo on it (which is something I’m always on the lookout for, you should be too.) Their philosophy is to avoid mass produced, high volume, low cost rods and reels.

Working with Douglas Outdoors has been one of the best decisions I’ve made because they are truly invested in my success and not just their own. When you buy products from Douglas Outdoors, you aren’t lining the pockets of corporate executives, but fueling the passion of a family that wants the best for the fly fishing community.

There is a lot more I have to say about Douglas Outdoors and their products, so stay tuned!

Published by

Taylor Joyce

East Tennessee lady angler specializing in fly fishing on the South Holston and Watauga rivers.

2 thoughts on “Douglas Outdoors: The Beginning”

  1. Well said, Taylor! I have two Dougla DXF rods – 9′ 6wt and 8 1/2′ 4wt. If I win the Ed’s Fly Shop contest in a few days I’ll get an 8wt!

    I am impressed with Douglas’ quality, their tapers and actions, and price point. The fact that George Anderson and the Yellowstone Angler have consistently ranked the DXF as their best mid-price rod in 4, 5, and 6-weights, and rank the Sky high in the 7wt class, is another great testimony.

    I also appreciated the personal interaction with Douglas when I registered my rods.

    I’ve been up your way twice in the past month, once on the SoHo and once on the Watauga. No monsters, but lots of quality fish.

    Looking forward to reading more about your adventures!


    1. Thats great! I can’t wait to try the DXF! I haven’t had the opportunity to yet.

      Personal interaction is always a plus, especially in a time where everything feels automated or computer generated.

      The tailwaters get fished so much it can be difficult to catch the monsters, but I’m always happy just to get out there! Thanks for reading!


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